TABS: SMILE by Charles Chaplin

I don’t have lots of time to make TABS  right now because I work temporally 12 hours a day for 10 days in a row and when I’ll finish that, I’ll start a new job. No days off… That’s the price of a ”free” web site. Someone have to make money, so the site will stay alive and you can get new songs to learn. Sad but true. But to keep smilling, I decide to cut a few hours of sleep and transcribe ”Smile by Chales Chaplin” for you. There is two notes you’ll have to ”BEND” half a tone (half a note). Pratice it slowly.  If you want to help me keep this website alive, there is two way you can help me: 1. Send me your TABS or videos of some songs you did transcribe/cover for Dulcimer Guitars (merlin, strumstick, woodrow, etc) and I’ll add your name and link. 2. Share my stuff everywhere you think it will help someone. 3. Comment and like the stuff. That’s it. Here’s the song:

MP3 audio in D:
MP3 audio in G:
PDF: Smile-charleschaplin

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