Bad Company – Bad Company

TheShavenmaker from Youtube ask me to do that song. Here’s a version for merlin and strumstick. I just didn’t have time to learn the song and record a video, but here’s a basic tabs. Enjoy!

PDF: BadCompany



“Bad Company”

Verses: (210) (111) (333) (000) (111)
Chorus: (333) (444) (555) (111) (333) (444) (111)

Company, always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh, I was born 6-gun in my hand
Behind the gun I’ll make my final stand
That’s why they call me

Bad company, And I can’t deny
Bad company, ‘Til the day I die
Oh, ’til the day I die…  ‘Til the day I die

Rebel souls, deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the Son
Now these towns, they all know our name
6-gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear them say




And I say it’s bad company, oh yeah yeah
Bad company
‘Til the day I die

Tell me that you are not a thief
Oh but I am bad company
It’s the way I play dirty for dirty
Oh, somebody double-crossed me
Double-cross, double-cross

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